Get Detailed Insights into Students' Course Participation

The Class Statistics page is useful for viewing a rich summary of course statistics and for downloading course content for offline use or analysis.

The Export Statistics tool allows you to customize and monitor counts of class activity such as post views, participation by folder(s), thread(s), Live Q&A, and poll statistics.

To access the export tool, click on Statistics > Export Statistics in the top bar:

Creating a New Data Export

For each content category, you can specify the kinds of contributions you want to include in your export. To do so, first click the link ‘Click here to edit which kinds of contributions are included’:

Then the following window will appear:

Select the checkboxes for the kinds of contributions (i.e. student actions) you would like to include in your export. 

To customize the formatting of your export, click on your preferred style under ‘Export contribution and action counts as.’ If Separate columns are selected, each action will display as an individual column in the spreadsheet. If Tally all actions is selected, you will see each student’s sum total of actions in a single column.

For certain content categories, you can use ‘Specify the date range for your export’ to take a closer look at student participation during a specific window of time:

Once you’ve clicked the link, you can enter your desired dates:

As an example, if the date range is set to the past week and ‘posts’ are selected in the ‘kinds of contributions’ menu, only posts created within the last week will be counted in this export.

Finally, click Export to immediately download your specified data in a CSV file, or a zip file containing multiple CSV files. 

Export Activity Breakdown Report

This export includes a breakdown of your students’ participation on Piazza by contribution type. Click on ‘Click here to edit’ to choose the kinds of contributions you would like to include in your export (examples include posts, answers, followups, edits, endorsements, views, and more). The export will also include contributions made during Live Q&A sessions.

Export Post Views

This export includes timestamps of when students viewed posts in your Piazza class (e.g. Jasmine Escolero viewed post @7 on 2020-09-09 at 18:47:12 GMT):

Export Participation by Folder(s)

This export includes contribution statistics for posts within a folder or set of folders. 

Click the folders you would like to include in your export, or click Select all folders:

Export participation by Thread(s)

This export includes contribution statistics for particular posts or subjects.

To add a post to your export, type the post ID into the text field and click Add post

A post’s ID can be found at the top of a post, shown below:

To add a subject to your export, type in a keyword into the corresponding text field and click Add subject. The resulting exports will include all posts that match the keyword.

Export Live Q&A participation

This export includes contribution statistics for Live Q&A sessions, with the option to include upvotes.

To add a Live Q&A session to your export, select it from the drop-down menu and click Add Session

Export Poll Statistics

This export includes timestamps of when students voted for polls in your class (e.g. Jasmine Escolero voted for poll @7 on 2020-09-09 at 18:47:12 GMT).

If you would like to download poll responses, click Statistics > View Statistics in the top bar:

Then click Bulk download poll statistics:

To download class content, poll responses, or to see a high level summary of your course statistics, please visit the Class Statistics page.