Steps for Instructors and Students on How to Adjust Email Notification Settings

1: While in Piazza Q&A, click the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the screen, then Account/Email Settings in the drop-down:

Note: This dropdown is only accessible while in the Piazza Q&A product.

2: Under the Class & Email Settings header, click Edit Email Notifications for the particular class:

3: Select your preferred settings for new posts and for updates to posts you follow, then click Save Settings:

Options for email notifications:
  • Real Time: receive an email notification immediately for new posts
  • No Emails: do not receive any email notifications, except when an instructor bypasses this setting
  • Daily Digest: receive a digest of new posts once a day
  • Smart Digest: receive a digest of new posts every 1-6 hours 

Note: If you disable your email notifications or drop a class, there may be one more email digest queued up to send. After that, you will not receive any more.

Save your settings!
Add another email address
 to your Piazza account or merge two accounts.